Friendship School Photos - 3s

It was an honor capturing your sweet kiddos! Our family has been blessed by Friendship School, and we hope you have been blessed as well. It is a loving community, and we have families like yours to thank for that. If you have any questions about your photos, please don't hesitate to reach out. There is a video below that demonstrates how to purchase your photos. Links to photos below the video!

PS. If you are looking for family photo sessions this Fall, I would love to help! I am offering a limited number of short sessions while the weather is cooler. You can find more details and the available times HERE.


Where are sibling photos? If you have more than one child at the school, you will find the children's album in the class your youngest child is in.

Will the watermark be removed if images are downloaded? Yes! No need to worry about the watermark. It will be removed for purchased prints or digital downloads.

Can I download photos for printing onto my phone? If you purchase digital downloads and intend to print, I HIGHLY reccomend downloading onto a PC and then uploading to a printing site. Photos downloaded to phones are compressed (great for social posting!) and not ideal for printing.

Will my gallery expire?

Yes, the gallery will expire November 1, 2023. I will send you a reminder to print your photos or purchase a digital download one week prior.

How do I access a class picture? I have removed watermarks and allowed you to download your class pictures for free. Please see the instructional video.

This has been a tough year for our family, do you have any discounts? I would be happy to offer 50% digital downloads for families that are experiencing hardship. Please use the honor system (as this is my income!). Single child families: IBLTK. Sibling families: 95LXX.

How can I contact you with questions? You can reach me at


Wallets (Set of 4) -- $4

4x6 -- $7

5x7 -- $9

8x10 -- $15

11x14 -- $21

Single Digital Download -- $25

1 Child Gallery Download -- $45

Family Gallery Download -- $85

Canvas -- +$92

How to purchase your photos!

A quick demo
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